Psychotherapy and Counselling

Why choose a psychotherapist or counsellor?

At various times in my life I have chosen to meet with a counsellor or psychotherapist because I recognized I needed help to gain perspective, understand what was happening and acknowledge my feelings. I found these meetings helpful and in time decided to train first as a counsellor and then a psychotherapist.

When life becomes difficult, disrupted by unexpected change and things are not working out, you may feel stuck and unable to find a way through. At times like this it might be helpful to meet with a psychotherapist who has undertaken training to enable them to really listen to you in such a way that you feel understood. A therapist's listening is different to that of friends' or family who know you and may have their own hopes, expectations and fears as well as concern about you, that influence their responses.  Meeting privately with a professional therapist may enable a deeper searching for meaning at a time of confusion, or support at a time of crisis enabling clarity to emerge in time.

Psychotherapy and counselling, although similar are different, in that psychotherapists undertake longer in-depth training; so psychotherapy could be seen as a deeper form of counselling. Psychotherapy can assist in dealing with many problems as well as enabling personal growth and requires a commitment that may continue for some time. I can provide significant support in enabling you to overcome what may appear impossible or unresolvable in your life by clarifying your thoughts and feelings, reducing confusion and enabling you to discover ways of living more resourcefully and towards greater well being.

I am an integrative psychotherapist.  In practice this means I bring together a relational way of being with, described as  humanistic and psychodynamic, a form of thinking about which values human development and the way childhood patterns influence the present.  Therapy with me provides a collaborative engagement in a safe environment where you are invited to speak, feel and reflect at your pace.